The Indianapolis Jazz Collective is a group of professional jazz musicians playing together on behalf of the Indy Jazz Fest. The collective consists of saxophonist Rob Dixon, pianist Steve Allee, Drummer Kenny Phelps, bassist Nick Turner, and trumpeter Marlin McKay. Each is proficient and talented in their own right, and play with multiple other projects throughout the year. Come September though, the group re-emerges and plays with for the festival and with global jazz stars of all kinds. This year at the Indy Jazz Fest, the Indianapolis Jazz Collective will be featuring saxophonist Bobby Watson.


Our Opinion

We recorded The Indianapolis Jazz Collective for their annual fundraiser, Jazz and Canvas. The event paired the jazz group with local artists, each of whom created a unique piece of artwork that the collective then paired with original music interpreting the piece. The evening was a blast and the music was expertly crafted to fit the personality of each work on display. Fluid rhythm and harmonies synced across all five musicians on stage, giving each their moment for solos and accents.



Concerts on Oscillate

Live from The Jazz Kitchen, July 19th