Introducing Oscillators: Stream Concerts From Your Cell Phone


We at Oscillate love live music. Hell, I played in a psychedelic band for a while, and I wanted to create a better way for people to watch live music anywhere, any time. However we had some initial limitations; the world is a big place, there are tons of musicians out there, and we can’t be everywhere at once. Which is exactly why we made a few changes.



Oscillators: the best way to connect with emerging musicians around the globe


Now that our site is back up, we are introducing the Oscillator system, a brand new way for people everywhere to not only view concerts from anywhere anytime, but to also get paid to film emerging musicians straight up. Oscillators can simply pull out their smart phone, and through our site walk through all the steps to line up a band to be streamed live or recorded for future playback. We pay an hourly rate for the work, the bands get global recognition, users can be at the front row of the concert, and the music industry changes forever.

The days of just paying to see live music is over, now it pays back. Whether you’re a band member, an avid fan or just a lover of music, you can sign up to become an Oscillator and get paid to do what you love.


Become An Oscillator Today

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