In Store Recordings Session – Andrew Burden Live From Vardagen


Oscillate is picking up steam, and we are starting a brand new session series with fellow music lovers In Store Recordings. Our goal with this series is simple: find cool bands and set up live shows in cool places.

For our first go we have Andrew Burden playing live from Vardagen in Fishers. Burden is a folk singer / songwriter  from Rockport Indiana and his music tends to pull catharsis right out of your chest. His style is similar to that of solo Neil Young or even Angus and Julia Stone; raw and brutally honest with a slow melodic tone. Andrew keeps things simple with just his guitar and vocals, while peppering in key effects like delay or reverb at the right moments. His new EP Ghost Folk is set to release this September, and we’re very excited to be seeing him before the release.

RSVP today and be one of 25 people to see the show live


Vardagen is a gem in Fishers specializing in graphic tees and coffee. Their screen printed shirts are custom designed and embody alternative, indie and skater lifestyles. Clothing may feature a minimalistic logo, dancing skeletons or a grazing dinosaur. Oddly enough, one of thier shirts is called “Time Is A Burden,” which I’m definitely going to sen Andrew’s way.

The session will be filmed and then featured on both YouTube and Oscillate, but the first lucky 25 people to register can attend the show in person. RSVP today and see the action as it happens live, as it was meant to be heard.



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